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this purple pineapple wants to live outside the box

Quirk and Circumstance is a podcast about living a life outside the box even when you spend the majority of your time in a cubicle… or within the boundaries of a role like “professional” “student” “parent” or “partner.”  


As a professional lady in this world, I find it’s pretty easy to get into a rut-whether it’s the routine of showing up at the same workplace nearly every day, or because news and politics are particularly disturbing.


Is being in a "rut" all that bad?  


When I'm in a rut, my quirky, silly, creative, passionate part of myself goes underground…

Personally, I think it’s important (as often as possible) to be my whole dang self including ALL OF THE things. An upstanding fully-employed professional, partner, sister/daughter AND a creative, music-loving, unique spirit.


It’s not only important, I think it’s necessary. Each part of a person can enhance the others. The creative and unique parts of me, help me to think of new ideas or solutions that make me more successful at work ... and my job helps me to have a stable income and steady growth so that I can devote myself outside of work to being creative instead of worrying about how to make ends meet.  


How can I activate my own quirky self?


So when these times happen, when I’m feeling funky or bored, or impatient with life, I parlay it into a life experiment that shakes things up. and I LOVE dragging a friend or two along with me. We pick a quirky challenge like living by candlelight or starting spontaneous dance parties in the breakroom at work, and live it TO THE FULLEST for two-ish weeks. And then we talk about how that quirky choice rolled out to the circumstances of our lives.


Our digital world is full of advice columns, how-to videos and top tips listicles so in this podcast we will usually choose a challenge from free or low-cost digital source material so that it’s easy for you to take the challenge right along with us.


Hope you enjoy... and welcome to the quirky life. 

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